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Top-wood.com - Wood veneers and lumber sold at retail.

Genuine wood veneer sheets and lumber of precious and rare woods.

A brief tour of the products you may find on top-wood.com:

First of all our web site is dedicated to precious and semi-precious woods, as sliced wood veneers and sawn lumbers.

Sliced wood veneers:

Genuine sliced wood veneer sheets are available in custom species such as Oak, Ash, and Walnut, as well as exotic species from Africa, America, and Asia.

You will find these wood veneers in the following categories:

Long veneers, mainly 0.6 / 0.5 mm thick veneers from about 2 m to 4 m.

Half-long veneers, mainly 0.6 / 0.5 mm thick veneers from about 50 cm to 2 m.

Small size veneers, Fix length of 30 cm, dispatched around 3 groups of width: Narrow, standard, and XXL.

Special Thickness Veneers.

Beside very thin veneers of 0.3 mm available in the long veneers category, there are special thick veneers.

You will find these thick veneers from 1 mm up to 4 mm in the following category: Thick veneers.

Burls, Swirls, and Crotches Veneers.

These are speciality veneers, rare and particularly aesthetic.

You will find these veneers in the following category: Burls and Crotches.

Deep Dyed Veneers.

Tinted in the mass, deep-dyed veneers allow to sand the veneers after glueing in order to keep the colour.

After sanding, colours will be palish and will regain full intensity after finishing.

We use alimentary and natural dye products to limit our impact on the environment. This choice we made includes that the colours might be different than those using chemicals.

Our production is made in France with wood grown and sliced in France.

You will find these veneers in this category: Dyed veneers.


Edge-bands are made of genuine wood glued on a fleece back, without lacquering nor adhesive nor glue. 

These Bands are clipped parallel.

Generally used for beautifully covering the sides of panels (MDF, Plywood, Particle boards, etc).

This way, once laminated with veneers on both faces, and edge-bands on 4 sides, the base material will no longer be seen, thus rendering the aspect of a solid wood panel.

Edge-bands may also be used for Furniture edges or Door edges.

Edge bands are easy to glue, in the same way as to face veneers, either with traditional white wood-glue or with neoprene glue.

You will find these edge-bands in the following category: Edge-bands.

Big Size Veneers.

About 95 cm wide spliced veneers with non-fabric fleece back.

These veneers are an easy solution for everyone who wishes to coat a door or a piece of furniture.

A great product to overlay with genuine wood, available here: big size veneers.

Square Edge Lumber.

Square Edge Sawn Lumber are rough swan solid woods.

The species offered here are the classics ones such as Oak, Beech, and Ash.

Available thicknesses are 27 mm, 50 mm, However, other thickness might be available from time to time.

Sorted by grade: First Grade, Second Grade, and Rustic, these planks are sold individually.

This lumber is kiln-dried 10 to 12% at the time of pulling them out from the drier.

You will find this lumber in this category: Square Edge Lumber.

Live-Edge Slab.

The live edge Slab is sawn hardwood boards with the natural shape of the tree.

Offering remarkable shapes, these rough sawn planks are selected for their beauty.

Live Edge Slab will let you create tabletops and piece of furniture, give free rein to your imagination.

You will find these Live Edge Slabs in the following category: Live-edge Slab.


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