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    Rough board

    Rough boards. Various species available: from the classic Oak to the exotic Moabi to the aesthetical Zebrano…

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    • Oak

      (CHENE) Is it really necessary to introduce this species, which is one of the most famous as well as for its beautiful grain than for its technical quality? If there is anything else to add, just remember that Oak, with its good stability, will always be a wise choice for joinery.

    • Planche de Chêne 1 er...

    • Beech lumber Premium...

      Grown and sawn in France.

      Premium grade is a 4 / 3 faces clean.

      Rough swan, light steamed and square edge.

      Thickness: 50 mm.

      It's an hardwood species and after Oak the Beech is the second more commun species in the French forest.

      This wood is very appreciated for furniture crafting as the beech is an easy cutting, carving and staining species.

      His light color and smooth texture place the Beech as a first choice for a refine style decoration.

    • Planche de Frêne

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    Showing 1 - 12 of 99 items