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Backing grade Ash veneer 90 x 14 cm

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Backing grade Ash veneers.

Genuine sliced wood veneer sheets.

Dimensions: 90 x 14 cm.

Thickness: 0.6 mm.

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Thickness in mm0.6
Length in cm90
Width in cm14

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Backing grade Ash veneer 90 x 14 cm.

Genuine sliced wood veneer sheets.


Dimensions are measured at the small end.*

Length: 90 cm.

Width: 14 cm.

Thickness: 0.6 mm.

*Measurement scaling:

Width rounded to the covered centimetre: 15.8 giving 15 cm.
Length rounded to the 5 centimetres: 257 giving 255 cm.

The Grade:

The backing grade is a selection of veneer to be used on the non-visible face of a realization. This grade is technically sound but esthetically consider as the lowest possible grade.

The backing grade may include pin-knots, knots, figures, flares, minerals, closed splits, discolouration, buckled / wavy, and all other esthetical particularity that would be commonly accepted in backing grade.

In order to keep the cost of these products as much as possible economical, pictures are standard/generic photos.

The Species:

Botanic name: Fraxinus excelsior.

The Ash is a light homogenous colour hardwood, except for the Olive Ash who is contrasted by brown line.

It is offering remarkable flexibility, justifying its use in various fields such as tools handles, Alpes skis, skateboards or surfboards, bows and other sports accessories.

Also used for armament wood, automobile and naval construction et as well as furniture.

Il offre des caractéristiques esthétiques et mécaniques très intéressantes.

From a decoration point, Ash is ideal for an accent finish full filing the paint in hollow pores when parts between hollow pores will be slightly stained.

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