The Black Wild Cherry Wood

The Black Wild Cherry Wood

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The Black Wild Cherry Wood.

Botanical name: Prunus Serotina.

Origin: North America, from the highlands of Mexico to Quebec, all over the eastern half of the United States.

The name of black cherry is due to the colour of its black and sour berries.

With a much more regular structure than its European cousin, it is especially recognizable by the small pockets of gum, which are rarely avoidable.

By its more regular structure and a more homogeneous colour, exempt from greenish veining, the black cherry is very appreciated in the industry of the furniture and the panels in order to obtain a production as less heterogeneous as possible.

Black Cherry has distinct creamy sapwood while the heartwood is orange-brown. It is often darker than European cherry but above all, it darkens quite quickly in the light.

It is traditionally very appreciated in interior furnishings, as well as in lumber as in veneers.

Other uses of this wood are carving, turning, making stair railings, silk reels, brushwood and pipe stoves.

Its delicately amended smell makes it the staves of choice for white spirits barrels.

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