www.top-wood.com – TERMS AND CONDITIONS


By using this website you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions:

Article 1 – Company

The following Terms and Conditions provide details about the rights and obligations of Top-Wood.com and of the Buyer in the framework of the sales of the following products.

All services carried out by Top-Wood.com implies the Buyer’s acceptance without reserve of these sales conditions.

Top-Wood.com, division of SELECT BOIS ET PLACAGES Sarl

Headquarters : 5, route de Mussey, 55 000 VARNEY – VAL D’ORNAIN - France

Registration number : SIRET 392 456 208 00033

RCS Bar-le-Duc B 392 456 208

VAT number : FR 963 92 456 208

APE : 4673A

Tel: +33 (0)3 29 79 31 17

E-mail address: contact@top-wood.com 

 Article 2 – Client

The Buyer is a natural non-trading person and is of 18 years of age or older.

Article 3 – Products

The specifications of the products offered for sale are displayed on each “Products” page of our website. Although photos are displayed for each product that the Buyers will receive, each photo is a digital image, which colours may vary according to the screen used. As a result, photos do not enter in the contractual field.

Article 4 – Validity period of offers

The products are available on sale until stock is sold out.

Although a data of available stock is displayed on the website, in the case of orders performed almost simultaneously on a same product and that same product is then sold out, the Buyer will be informed of unavailability as soon as possible by e-mail. Top-Wood.com will try, to the extent possible, to offer an equivalent product to the Buyer.

Article 5 - Price

Prices as indicated on our website www.top-wood.com are understood in Euros (€) including all taxes but excluding transportation fees. Transportation fees will appear at the end of the Buyer’s product selection. These fees will depend on total weight of the order.

Top-Wood.com reserves the right to change prices at all time but ordered products will be invoiced at price in effect at time of order.

Prices understand discounts and allowances that the company could grant.

No discount rate will be granted for early payment.

Article 6 - Order

Orders are made online only. The Buyer confirms his order on our website www.top-wood.com when they click on “purchase” after accepting the hereby Terms and Conditions.

After payment on our secure serve (Secure payment), an acknowledgement of receipt will be displayed. This will confirm the Buyer’s order and will inform them that a confirmation e-mail will be sent as soon as possible.

The Buyer has at any time the ability to identify and correct their errors in input data. If they discover an error after conclusion of the contract, they must contact us by email as promptly as possible. Top-Wood will try, to the extent possible, to correct the error before departure of the goods.

Order confirmation will be sent to the Buyer by email; this email summarizes all information about the order and the Buyer’s right of withdrawal.

Saved data constitutes proof of nature, contents and date of order. This data will be filed under conditions and statutory period; the Buyer is able to access these files by contacting us via e-mail.

Article 7 - Payment

Website www.top-wood.com proposes to the Buyers a secure payment solution from Societe Generale bank, under the name “Sogenactif” and conceived in partnership with Atos Worldline.

Accepted cards are registered “CB”, which are CB, Visa, V Pay and MasterCard cards. Securing of online payments is ensured by an encryption system of your card’s data (security protocol Secure Socket Layer), which avoids interception of data by another party when the Buyer conveys them on the payment site. Prices are indicated in Euro (€).

Website www.top-wood.com also proposes the option of paying by check. The check (in Euro €) should be made payable to SELECT BOIS ET PLACAGES Sarl and addressed as quickly as possible at the following address:

Select Bois et Placages Sarl / Top-Wood.com

5, route de Mussey

55 000 VARNEY - VAL D'ORNAIN - France

The shipment of the order placed through our online shop, will soon receive the check in the bank.

Article 8 – Delivery

Delivery of the goods is made by Geodis Calberson. The “ON DEMAND Home” service provided by the transporter indicates a leadtime, in Metropolitan France, of 48 to 72 hours from pick-up of the goods. This offer is reserved to private individuals. As soon as the goods are picked up by Geodis, the Buyer will receive a message asking them to choose between either a delivery at home and upon appointment, either a withdrawal in the Geodis office. Without reply, the message will be re-sent after 3 days. As soon as a delivery option will be chosen, a confirmation message will immediately be sent to the Buyer. In case of delivery beyond 48 hours leadtime, a reminder will be sent to the Buyer the day before delivery. For European area, it is the" EUROFIRST" service. Delivery leadtimes are only indicative, without any guarantee and a delayed delivery can not be subject to any compensation, unless stipulated otherwise. The goods travel at the recipient’s own risks.

Article 9 – Product return and refund

Our customers’ satisfaction is fundamental. However, for any reason there is and fully respecting their motivations, if the Buyer was not completely satisfied of their purchase, we would accept an immediate return of the goods before any transformation is made.

Cancelling must be expressed either by email or by regular postal mail to the following address:


5, route de Mussey


E-mail: contact@top-wood.com

Only return transportation fees will be paid by the Buyer.

Refund or exchange of the goods will be done as soon as they will be received. The Buyer will be able to choose between 2 refund options: credit to Buyer’s bank account, or credit note with refund check within 48 working hours.

Of course, in order to improve our service to customers, the Buyer can send us their suggestions by contacting us.

Article 10 – Intellectual property rights

All rights on photos and information displayed on our website www.top-wood.com are owned by Top-Wood and are protected by copyright laws, articles L.111-1 and L123-1. All such rights are reserved. The Buyer may view, copy or print these pages to place an order on our website www.top-wood.com.

In the case of project contests made by the Users/Buyers, their photos and/or videos will be sent to Top-Wood. These photos and/or videos are protected by intellectual property rights. The Users/Buyers grant Top-Wood.com a transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-fee and worldwide non-exclusive right to use the contents of the intellectual property. The use of these photos and videos are with no obligation for remuneration.

Contests on www.top-wood.com are free, with no obligation to purchase.

Data provided by the Buyer are processed and used in order to improve our service to our customers. According to the law of Data Protection of January 6th, 1978 and modified in 2004, the Buyer has the right to access, rectify, modify and delete all data concerning them, by contacting our company. They also have the right, for legitimate reasons, to object to the processing of their data.

Top-wood.com reserves the right to publish the comments from the Customer.

Article 11 – Jurisdiction and applicable law

Any litigation will be submitted to the Court of Bar-le-Duc (55) in France.

The present contract is governed by French laws.

Article 12 – Limitations of liability

The users of the goods sold on www.top-wood.com are informed on how to use the wooden materials in the best possible way. However, and despite Top-Wood’s various recommendations, our company can not be held responsible for a poor use of the materials.

Article 13 – Access and use

www.top-wood.com is accessible free of charge for any user having an Internet connection. All costs associated with Internet connection remain at the expense of the Buyer. The Buyer is responsible for their computer equipment, as well as their Internet connection.

To login to their account, the Buyer will have to do so with their ID (email address) and password (at least 5 characters in order to login).

The Buyer is committed to keep secret their ID and password and to protect them against the abusive use of unauthorized people.

Top-Wood.com will implement all means to ensure a 24/7 access to its website, but cannot be held responsible for any malfunction that will prevent access to said website. Top-Wood.com shall do its best to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Article 14 – Account registration

The Buyer is able to sign up on our website www.top-wood.com in order to place an order, but also to give them access to the following pages:

  • “Order history” for a recap of the Buyer’s orders since account registration;
  • “Returned or Replaced Products”;
  • “Credit notes”;
  • “Address book”, in order to modify/add/delete delivery or billing address;
  • “Account settings”, in order to modify information such as title or password; subscribe or not to the newsletter or to our exclusive partners’ offers;
  • “Notifications”

By creating an account, the Buyer will accept the hereby Conditions of Use and Terms and Conditions.

Account registration on www.top-wood.com is reserved to any natural person of 18 years of age or older.

Every user can create one account only.

All the fields in the registration form having an asterisk (*) must be filled. Regarding telephone number, the Buyer will be able to give a number of his choice: office number and/or home number and/or mobile phone.

The Buyer can subscribe to the newsletter (email regularly sent about new products, special offers…). At any moment, the Buyer will have the possibility to subscribe/unsubscribe to the newsletter through their account settings.

In case the required fields are not filled, the account will not be created. All information given by the Buyer must be accurate.

When the Buyer creates an account on www.top-wood.com, they will receive a confirmation email of their registration, indicating ID and password.

Top-Wood.com reserves the right to delete all accounts not complying with the hereby contractual conditions.