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  • By credit card:

Website proposes to the Buyers a secure payment solution from Societe Generale bank, under the name “Sogenactif” and conceived in partnership with Atos Worldline.

Accepted cards are registered “CB”, which are CB, Visa, V Pay and MasterCard cards.

Securing of online payments is ensured by an encryption system of your card’s data (security protocol Secure Socket Layer), which avoids interception of data by another party when the Buyer conveys them on the payment site.

Prices are indicated in Euro (€).

  • By Paypal:

Website offers the ability to make purchases through PayPal.

  • By check:

The check (in Euro €) should be made payable to SELECT BOIS ET PLACAGES Sarl and addressed as quickly as possible at the following address: Select Bois et Placages Sarl / - 5, route de Mussey - 55000 VARNEY - VAL D'ORNAIN - France

The shipment of the order placed through our online shop, will soon receive the check in the bank.