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Beech Edge Band 24 mm

201.110.01 BDC


Beech Edge Band 24 mm.

Sold by linear meter.

Width: 24 mm.

Thickness: 0.5 mm.

Genuine Beech veneer.

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Beech Edge-band 24 mm.


Fixed Width, parallel edges.

Length: sold by linear meter.

Width: 24 mm.

Thickness: 0.5 mm.

Product description:

Edge-bands are made of real wood on fleece back, without lacquering nor adhesive. 

These Bands are clipped parallel.

Generally used for beautifully covering the sides of panels (MDF, Plywood, Particle boards, etc).

This way, once laminated with veneers on both faces, and edge-bands on 4 sides, the base material will no longer be seen, thus rendering the aspect of a solid wood panel.

Edge-bands may also be used for Furniture edges or Door edges.

Edge bands are easy to glue, in the same way as to face veneers, either with traditional white wood-glue or with neoprene glue.

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The Species:

Botanic name: Fagus Sylvatica.

If the Oak is the king of our forest, the price should be the Beech.

The Beech is the second hardwood specie populating European forests.

As said it's a hardwood heavier than Oak.

This wood is very appreciated for furniture and indoor decoration, easy to use, giving a net cutting, easy to curve due to a short and firm grain structure.

The Beech is an easy wood for staining and allows a large range of finish.


Veneers are rolled and well protected in a strong carton chosen for resisting somewhat vigorous handling and being delivered to you in good condition.


Sold by the linear meter, decreasing prices upon quantity.

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