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27 mm Beech Lumber Prime grade 110 x 23 cm

H1ER27X110X23 BP


27 mm Beech lumber Prime grade.

Thickness: 27 mm.

Steamed Beech, rough swan.

Kiln Dry 10 to 12 %.

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Data sheet

Thickness in mm27
Length in cm110
Width in cm23

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27 mm Beech Lumber Prime grade.

The product:

Grown and sawn in France.

Premium grade is 4 faces clean with rarely some 3 faces clean that may have minor defects. No strong bending, no split, and no strong twisting.

Rough swan, edges been squared before drying.

Light steamed.

Thickness: 27 mm.

Kiln Dry 10 to 12 % at the time of pulling out the lumber from the dryer.

The species:

It's a hardwood species, and after Oak, the Beech is the second more common species in the French forest.

This wood is very appreciated for furniture crafting as the beech is an easy cutting, carving, and staining species.

His light color and smooth texture place the Beech as the first choice for a refined style decoration.


These products are rough sawn products that need might need to be planed and sand.


Pictures herewith are actual photos of the product you will receive; however, these pictures are not individual pics of each board and have to be considered generic photos.

Measurement scaling:

Length rounded to 5 centimeters: 257 giving 255 cm.

Width rounded to the covered centimeter: 15.8 giving 15 cm.

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