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Gaboon small size veneer narrow width

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Gaboon small size veneer narrow width.

Fix length of 30 cm long.

Width: Standard from 10 to 14 cm.

Thickness: 0.5 mm.

Genuine wood veneer sheets.

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Gaboon small size veneer narrow width.


Fix length of 30 cm long.

Width: Standard from 10 to 14 cm.

Thickness: 0.5 mm.

Sold by 1 sheet.


Botanical name: Aucoumea klaineana.

Native to Africa and in particular Gabon.

Gaboon is a soft and light wood with a pinkish colour that becomes more orange with prolonged exposure to light.

It is produced in either peeled or sliced veneer.

In Peeled veneer, it is the essence of choice for CTBX and marine plywood.

In sliced veneer, Okoumé is very popular for decoration and in particular for the realization of the interior of cigar humidors.

Product description:

Genuine wood sliced veneer sheets.

These veneers are raw without a finish or any fleece back.

The veneer surface is similar to plane wood, however, it will be preferable to forecast a light sanding after glueing.

The veneers are offered here as wood sliced sheets of one and unique thickness.

Both faces of these veneers are the same, without fleece back, without glue.

Even if the veneer's sides had been cut relatively straight, it isn't a precise parallel clipping, some veneers may have kept the decreasing shape of the tree, wider at the bottom end and narrower at the top end.

Very occasionally, some veneers sides have traces unclipped wane but our veneers are measured at the narrowest as explained in the paragraph "sizes".

As genuine natural wood, all finishing products are acceptable as long as these products are meant to be for wood usage.

The choice of finish product has to be consistent with the realisation of final usage.

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In order to keep the cost of these products as cheap as possible and on the contrary to other veneers on this website, the pictures of Small Size Veneers do not represent the actual available stock.

Measurement scaling:

Width rounded to the covered centimetre: 15.8 giving 15 cm.

More information:

Have a look at our TUTORIALS, you might find some useful tips.

Please feel free to contact us for any additional information by E-MAIL or phone at +33 329 793 117.

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